tomorrow i’ll be moving to MIAMI

i won’t. but that’s one of the places i wouldn’t mind spending some time during the long cold winter. this weekend spring finally came to berlin though, and i’m looking forward to put away my winter coat and start spending time in the park.

but what this grafitti actually reminded me of was the song “blood red summer” from coheed and cambria and the year 2003. So here you go, this one is for my friends from Langevågen (Norway) and the good old days  [audio:|titles=Cooheed & Cambria – Blood Red Summer]

meet my postcard collection – woman riding pig

my favorite souvenirs when i go traveling are kitschy or weird postcards, where the persons or cites just appear to be trying a bit too hard to be authentic. since my friends know that i love this type of cards, i’ve received quite a few funny ones from around the world. so say hello to my postcard collection, where every postcard comes with a story – or just with a laugh. and next time you’re traveling, remember to send me a card!

this beauty comes from when i was working at the tourist information in my hometown. although this photography from 1932 apparently is one of the most popular postcards in norway, i first noticed it in 2007. the norwegian name of the postcard is “seterjentens fridag” and every year around 30 000 copies are sold.

Słubice – echt und sexi

just across the polish border, one hour by train from berlin you find słubice. the small city is often visited by germans going there to buy cheap(er) cigarettes and alcohol 24/7, and apparently real and sexi (or sexy) experiences.

my university is located next to the german/polish border, and some of my classes take place on the polish side. my first semester in frankfurt (oder) our passports were checked every time we wanted to cross, but since the opening of the german polish border in december 2007, visiting poland has gotten much easier.

polish/german fishermen in the summer (2008). during the winter they are still there, but since i normally try to rush over the bridge as fast as possible, i never took a winter version of this. whether the weather is good or bad, there are always some fishermen trying their luck on the river oder.

tintin and friends

brussels is full of walls with hergé wall paintings, and when i think of beligum the first things that pop into my mind are tintin, belgian waffles (and of course the EU and lack of a proper belgian government). when i was a child i used to love the tintin stories, and i used to watch the cartoon films together with my older brother and my father. oh, and blue lotus was my favorite story.

define perfect gentleman




conforming absolutely to the description or definition of an ideal type: a perfect sphere; a perfect gentleman.


–noun, plural -men.


a civilized, educated, sensitive, or well-mannered man: He behaved like a true gentleman.

who stole woody’s glasses?

woody allen loves oviedo, and oviedo loves woody allen. a part of woody’s film vicky christina barcelona was filmed in oviedo, and he described the town in these words: “oviedo is a delicious city, exotic, beautiful: it´s as if it didn´t belong to this world, as if it didn´t exist at all… oviedo is a fairy tale.” but since someone stole his glasses, i guess he’s not able to see much..

when that is said. i must agree with mr. allen – oviedo is truly a beautiful place.

flu power flu

today i’m trying to avoid getting the power flu by drinking insane amounts of tea and orange juice. the power flu sign in is brussels though. i have a fascination for signs, decorations and local weirdness – something that has resulted in quite a lot of photos of “weird things”.

another tile on the wall

tile grafitti to replace what once were. in lisbon, the streets are like galleries – covered with colorful tiles in the most amazing array of colours and design evolved over centuries. but unfortunately some tiles are missing and there is a problem of theft. if undamaged, the tiles can get very high prices on the black art market. buildings are left with open “wounds” that not even the best grafitti artist can fix, but at least the piece might lead people to think about the problem.