It was always about the light

Oslo aiport, December 2014

It was always about the light for me. That is how I found my love for the cities I once called home.

The light I found looking at the sunset from my dearest viewpoint in Lisbon, the city of lights. A “luz boa” or beautiful light.

About the warming sun hitting my face, when I was with him, at a warm sandy beach or sitting on the rocks at Arpoador hearing them clap as the sun sank in the water.

The pink glow of Santiago, softening the horizon of the skyscrapers and making everything seem like a doomsday painting with an aquarelle touch.

The light as we walked out of the clubs with sunglasses on and spent the Sunday sleeping and laughing in Görlitzer park. Knowing that there was always a next light, always something coming up.

Reflection of winter snow on the mountains where with a steep view into a fjord at Sunnmøre while floating on powder snow. Those winter days where you move so fast and so slow at the same time.

Hiding from boats with my skin warm from the smooth stone slope beaches at Lidingö. Long summer nights that I wish would never end.

On a balcony in Castellezgasse with morning brunches, on a late evening in Augarten with the sun hiding behind remains of a war of darkness.

That day, after my darkest December, there it was, the most beautiful pearly sky I’ve ever seen. In Oslo. I hope it will be back, I’m here now.

santiago de chile – mercado central

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after two weeks in santiago de chile my head is full of impressions. a new city, new job, new friends and a whole lot to discover. one of the places that is probably going to be a regular stop is the cheese store outside mercado central and the fruit and veggie stands inside the less chic part of the market. this is veggie and kitsch heaven!

more impressions coming up soon!