santiago de chile – the world is not coming to an end

[split_gallery class=”set_1_columns name” size=”full” columns=”1″ show=”1-100″] sometimes, santiago de chile looks like the scene of an apocalyptic movie. the smog or fog. and the darkness. to go with it it has some huge monumental buildings, fascinating architecture, and a whole lot of memories from the past.

santiago from above: cerro de san cristobal & the museum of memories and human rights.

santiago de chile, autumn 2013

things we lost in the fire

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most of the roadside in chile is filled with beautiful sights and breathtaking nature – still every now and then you pass a little tragedy. small altars along the road in remembrance of people who lost their lives in traffic accidents is a far too common sight. then, one of the many forest fires lights up a hillside and people are doing all they can to save their homes.

somewhere between santiago de chile and santa cruz, february 2014

maitencillo – grey oceans

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When people whisper in Portuguese
Its just as mysterious
And the stubble on his face
It hurt me when
When we fell onto each other’s faces
Dawn retraces heart ached patterns across grey oceans
Windows brighten up the room

(CocoRosie – Grey Oceans)

Maitencillo, October 2013

walls of valpo

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valparaíso got me with its hills, the colors, the fresh breeze blowing in my face and its vibrant night scene. take that and add street art and the city has a new fan. here are a few or my favorite valpo wall pieces.

valparaíso, chile, september 2013

santiago de chile – mercado central

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after two weeks in santiago de chile my head is full of impressions. a new city, new job, new friends and a whole lot to discover. one of the places that is probably going to be a regular stop is the cheese store outside mercado central and the fruit and veggie stands inside the less chic part of the market. this is veggie and kitsch heaven!

more impressions coming up soon!