hot-dog stories

berlin is a mecca for cheap food. falafel, halloumi, kebab, currywurst and hot-dog around the clock.  i’ve never liked hot-dogs, not even as a kid (and especially not since i stopped eating meat). next to bacon and blood sausage it is one of the most disgusting things i can imagine eating. at most birthday parties during primary school, before pizza and taco became popular, hot-dogs was the standard food, and i was always the difficult kid who refused to eat. i’ve never understood the popularity of the hot-dog, and i never will. not even the convincing hot-dog salesman at warschauer strasse can change my mind about this.

tomorrow i’ll be moving to MIAMI

i won’t. but that’s one of the places i wouldn’t mind spending some time during the long cold winter. this weekend spring finally came to berlin though, and i’m looking forward to put away my winter coat and start spending time in the park.

but what this grafitti actually reminded me of was the song “blood red summer” from coheed and cambria and the year 2003. So here you go, this one is for my friends from Langevågen (Norway) and the good old days  [audio:|titles=Cooheed & Cambria – Blood Red Summer]