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she blushes – santiago de chile

anchored_paperplane_dot_com_santiago_02_2013_september_2427 anchored_paperplane_dot_com_santiago_01_2013_september_2074 anchored_paperplane_dot_com_santiagodechile_23_2013_september_2111it is spring in santiago de chile. flowers are pink and purple. the last hour of light here does not seem to be blue like in other cities. instead, when i look at her, she  blushes with pink.

santiago de chile, september and october 2013.

valparaiso – if you can sleep here you can sleep anywhere

valparaiso, chile, september 2013

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santiago de chile – mercado central

after two weeks in santiago de chile my head is full of impressions. a new city, new job, new friends and a whole lot to discover. one of the places that is probably going to be a regular stop is the cheese store outside mercado central and the fruit and veggie stands inside the less chic part of the market. this is veggie and kitsch heaven!

more impressions coming up soon!

lisbon, the yellow

lisbon, summer 2012
1) adamastor viewpoint 2) the 28 tram in alfama 3) tiles and chairs somewhere in alfama.

lisbon, i keep coming back for you. see you this week!

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primavera sound 2013

this has to become a new tradition. primavera sound barcelona. it was splendid!

run & stare

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skansen in stockholm, sweden, 2012


kreuzberg sunset

kreuzberg, berlin, 2011

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we’ll never forget the theft of our home

råsunda stadion – the former swedish national football stadium is to be demolished soon. solna, january 2013

happy new year!

i wish you all a happy new year! hope 2012 has been good to you and that 2013 will be even better! 2012 was the year when i finished my studies, got a proper job, left my dear old berlin for a temporary home in stockholm. to new and old friends who made 2012 to the year it was – thank you and hope to see more of you in 2013!

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solna – entering the blue hour

solna, sweden, november 2012

between autumn and winter. the beautiful colors are gone. the snow is not yet here. november is the month of faded beauty, but the blue hour is still magic. (+i wanted to test my new compact camera)

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