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a little piece of the soviet union in berlin

the soviet war memorial in treptower park is one of my favorite places to bring visitors. it is like a little piece of the soviet union in berlin.

yellow stripes in treptow

treptow is pretty. the buildings have a certain aesthetic that makes you feel like you’re traveling in time.

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MyFest 2012

Several times during the spring and summer, the streets of Kreuzberg turn into one big party. MyFest on the 1st of May is the first in line, and we have one great summer to come. The street festival keeps the district dancing, eating and almost free of riots. One good reason to dance the day away.

For more impressions from the 1st of May, head on over to Smaracuja.

youth lagoon concert in berlin

cell phone diary. youth lagoon held an awesome concert in berlin february 29. loved the music and the funfact interludes.




the icebreaker

end of january 2012.

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let it be spring again!

the last few weeks berlin has been freezing, norwegian wool underwear and polar jackets cold. this is from the end of january. today i pulled out my spring jacket, and let my gloves stay at home. let it be spring again!

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stop acta protest in berlin

protest in berlin 11.02.2012. for more photos from the protest, head on over to smaracuja.

global protest, occupy berlin

goal: to fix world issues by standing together. 15th of october, 2011.

my postcard collection – prenzlau vintage

this postcard used to hang in my first flat in berlin next to a postcard from my hometown. dear mimi and basti, this one goes out to you – thank you for always making me feel at home in berlin! 4 years pass on so quickly.

hot-dog stories

berlin is a mecca for cheap food. falafel, halloumi, kebab, currywurst and hot-dog around the clock.  i’ve never liked hot-dogs, not even as a kid (and especially not since i stopped eating meat). next to bacon and blood sausage it is one of the most disgusting things i can imagine eating. at most birthday parties during primary school, before pizza and taco became popular, hot-dogs was the standard food, and i was always the difficult kid who refused to eat. i’ve never understood the popularity of the hot-dog, and i never will. not even the convincing hot-dog salesman at warschauer strasse can change my mind about this.

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